adrift is a simple 'stay on the screen' game. Your spaceship is adrift, with an increasingly broken engine. Every time you fire it, it increases in power and can be ... sticky.

The aim of the game is simple; keep your spaceship on the screen. How long can
you last?

This game was made for the TeenyTiny DragonRuby MiniGameJam 2020, as my first foray into minigames.

The font and icons come from Kenney's Game Assets, whose asset packs are a fantastic resource.

The backdrop of the Orion Nebula is a Public Domain/CCO image via 
Snappy Goat

The spaceship comes from Wuhu on, and the engine flare from Para

The rocket sounds are from rubberduck's wonderful Sci Sound Effect collection and the amazing music comes from yd, also on


adrift-linux-raspberrypi.bin 8 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2020
adrift-windows-amd64.exe 8 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2020
adrift-linux-amd64.bin 8 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2020
Download 6 MB
Version 1 Nov 23, 2020


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Well done! Very solid concept! You could easily make this into a more complex game by introducing dangerous elements (like a black hole, asteroids, ships) to make this even more challenging. The music really adds to the experience as well. It's a little frustrating at first because I expected the ship to stop firing thrust when I let go. Once I figured out how the ship operated, I was doing much better. You could also add a fuel gauge if you want players to really watch how much thrust they use.


Funnily enough, this all started out as a bit of an experiment in vector control for a bigger game and sort of turned into an entry for the Jam :-)

It is interesting how things evolve. Never quite know what will grow from experiments.